Eléctrico 28

Country : Spain

(UN)COMMON SPACES Associate artist

Eléctrico 28 is a collective that nurtures the ecosystem of daily life displayed in open-air heart-and-humor-made immersive street performances.

The streets are Eléctrico 28’s inexhaustible work field. We see street life as a natural multi-directional choreography of living beings under the sky and above mostly cemented, sometimes also grassy or sandy, ground. While life is happening, Eléctrico 28 imbues it with little actions ranging from daily to fantastic that question preconceptions and conventions of theatre and public space. Everyone who is consciously or unconsciously inside their performances (passers-by, actors, audience…) can become everything at one point. We like to place ourselves on the intersection between life and theatre. There you will us imagining, taking notes and taking some (dramatic) actions.

It is from observing a place and its inhabitants that we usually start our work from; understanding their position in relation to what happens. After understanding something, whatever, anything worth to be rolled out, we handicraft filters to communicate the way we feel and think. Most of the times these filters become the raw material for a performance; that is the case with three of their last touring projects: Expresso EncountersStellar Moments of Humanity and [The Frame]. Lately, also for a book that they are writing at the moment: Things that happen on the streets; Attempt of a dictionary.

Our projects are said to provoke an imaginative, playful, warm, witty and affectionate incitement, empowering spectators and passers-by to perceive the regulated order they are part of and opening windows for alternative tales and ways of relating to our surroundings. We feel that there is an urgent need for these kind of tales, for connection in the physical realm.