Arnaud Boulogne & Sébastien Vial

Country : France


© beaborgers - On traversera le Pont une fois rendus à la rivière

Arnaud Boulogne is a french artist. While studying cinema at Lille University, he organizes showing of experimental movies in small underground cinemas. That’s when he is making his first Super-8 and video films, as well as starting a post-rock band with Harpagès brothers called L’Objet, still touring today. After a while, he started new artistic collaborations with different collectives and companies as a musician but also cameraman and performer, collaborations with Tantôt, Métalu à Chahuter, L’Amicale de production (Germinal, Corps Diplomatique, On traversera le pont une fois rendu à la rivière). He also co-wrote in the past years the performance VHS with Eric Bézy.

Sébastien Vial tackled his adulthood with a passion for philosophy and visual arts. Well, let’s say that his organic and experimental practice as a painter spills out of the frame. Trying today mostly to develop his five senses, he likes making himself some surprises. He defines himself as an ‘experimentalist’, imagining practices and “making” in a very material zest for life. Playing, tracing, singing, disassemble to reassemble, telling stories, writing, building, co-building in projects such as France Distraction, Collectif Jambe, On traversera le pont une fois rendus à la rivière, Big Data Yoyo at l’Amicale de Production, or Le Municipal Bal byCompagnie On Off. Whatever tool he is using, whether alone or part of a group, his observation of the world and his empirical tests switch between fun and fascination.

They are currently working with L'Amicale. Born in 2010, L'Amicale is a cooperative platform that produces artistic transversal objects, halfway between the realms of theatre, visual and performing arts. The cooperative tools and formats are collectively designed and provide a safe space for creators to grow projects while helping each other out in order to respond to aesthetic, technological and economical challenges related to new forms of authorship and aesthetics.