Bianca Hisse


Bianca Hisse is a Brazilian artist based in Tromsø (NO). She holds a MA in Contemporary Art from Kunstakademiet i Tromsø and a BA in Dance / Body Arts from Pontificia Universidade Catolica de São Paulo (BR).

Her recent practice excavates choreography, language of social spaces and relational constructions. Looking at how technologies of communication partner up with an oversharing capitalism, her works reflect on how these systems of meaning affect physical structures and on what types of movements it generates in an infrastructural level. This is normally manifestested through dances, diagrams, posters and spoken-word performances.

Choreographing spaces through non-logical diagrams is a trade mark in her work. This is an attempt to create feedback systems in which loose sentences find unexpected referential points when taken out of their conceptual frame and recreated for a movement setting. 

In 2019 she did a residency at Metropolis in Copenhagen (DK). There she worked on a participatory performance. By analysing and sensing the movement flow of the city, she wanted to propose a choreography of mass movements that deviates from the established pre-choreographed forms of daily-life in Copenhagen.
Recurrent questions leading her work are: What triggers movement in social spaces? How accidental occurences shape our paths through the town, and how to propose ways of walking without stressing the ground we step on?