Bureau Cosmique

Country : France

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NO DEFINITION No rule. No code. No definition. Their relation to architecture is free and open-minded. To achieve this they put in place a method that can be summarized in 3 key points:

CONTEXT The approach prevails over the physical context of the project. They listed the local stakeholders in order to work with them. This is an horizontal approach, where all the knowledge and skills merged around the initial project. It is also about raising the oral and collective history of the sites to roots it on the scale of the whole city.

SITUATION By investing the sites, they create a performance. Cooking, drawing, thinking, building is all measures that, where they are all organized and shared, create a situation. That will arise from useful reflection; this is the theory testing the action.

IMAGINATION Architecture is the catalyst of the collective psyche. It must allow everyone’s mind to picture it. Architecture is like a cinema screen, not a fad, not an object. It shouldn’t require any abilities or culture to be understood, only imaginary is freedom. We want to create some” fantasies machines”, some pipes dream.