Cédric Brandilly et Romain Dubois

Country : France

© Cédric Brandilly, Moscow

Born in 1984, Cédric Brandilly is a visual artist and performer. Having studied fine arts and architecture, he continued his education in the academic section of the Museo Nacional Centre de Arte Reina Sofìa in Madrid. Since then, the philosopher and academician Michel Serres took an interest in Cedric’s work and offered to sponsor him. Some scientific and university partners in France and abroad (Cité de la Science et de l’Industrie de Paris, Institut Langevin – ESPCI Paris, Ecole d’Architecture de Mons, Atelier International Expérimental pour la cité bio-numérique, ..) are also getting interested into his activities. New technologies and the binomial Art and Science are currently right in the heart of his researches as for his current works in progress (Sound Plane, Algorithms, Musical Levitation). This was followed by a series of exhibitions in Paris, Brussels, Linz, London, Quebec, Beograd, etc… Rethinking space as a source of creation.