Country : France

The troupe Tandaim was formed in 1998 around Alexandra Tobelaim.

It is a meeting place, a forum for discussion in which a team of artists compares their different experiences (not necessarily theatrical) as part of a collective work.

Since then, these artists have together explored the interactions between their different means of expression using acting, sound, light, images, scenery and machinery as so many complementary languages contributing to the creation of a show. In parallel to her creative work, Alexandra Tobelaim also pays particular attention to relationships with the territories. This led her to dream up intimate moments with the public, such as performances outside theatres (in companies, schools, retirement homes, libraries, etc.);

the “collection of sensitive materials” during workshops focusing on writing, sound expression and re-transcription; theatre workshops with amateur adults and children; rehearsals open to the public; convivial encounters around the shows, etc. Irrespective of the form and nature of these actions, the aim has always been to make theatre accessible to as many people as possible.