Deuxième groupe d’intervention

Country : France

© Vincent Muteau

" Touch, whisper, inspire. Redirect busy roads.
Knock on doors.
Search the town for humanity.
Observe, attract, provoke, negotiate, meet.
Arise fragility. Wake up the sensitive zones.
See the strange differently. Re-examine the familiar.
Lie down on zebra crossings and contemplate the sky.
To the ceaseless movement, offer silence.

Play the public space. In it, with it, for it.
Make conversation move, embody the writing through the spoken word,
wear choice like an armour and go into close contact,
wear it as an armor for closer contact ,
question in situ and reinvent what representations are.
Break down borders between those who give and those who seize.
Try to apply, in the full light ofday, humanism.

Art is contact, body engaged."