Eliška Brtnická

Country : Czech Republic


Eliška Brtnická is graduated at the Academy of performing arts in Prague (CZ) – Nonverbal theater department. She has been continuing at the doctor’s program working on her research of choreographic possibilities in aerial movement.

She is aerialist working mainly on the static trapeze but she also uses other apparatus (vertical rope, silk, hoop, straps, vertical dance..) and she also moves on the floor. With her acrobalance partner they do a bit of this discipline too. Another technical aspect she enjoys is rigging - working with knots, pully systems, ropes etc.. and researching how the apparatus can be influenced to get what we need.

In 2018 Eliška Brtnická did a residency at Metropolis in Copenhagen (DK). She worked on a project called Overlooking.
She focused on live image/act that can interrupt a casual passer-by, trying to find a suitable format. Technically used the aerial acrobatics and its technical shift from the classical aerial apparatus and also bits of contortion technic. The crucial element is to search different distances and points of view of the spectators.