Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen

Country : Denmark

Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen creates performances in collaboration with residents in specific places. She explores a variety of media, from drawing and classic oil painting  to large-scale in situ performance and is interested in the relationship with people, spaces and technologies.

The outset is often a specific topography and spatiality – be it a characteristic Danish coastline, a field in Western Jutland, a building complex in a socially challenged neighbourhood or a church. A common denominator in the bigger works is an interest in new technology, such as different types of light, video or new software.
Since the 80s her work has been concentrating on the dialogue between the individual and the masses and the interaction between lines, light and space.
She coordinates her projects but always collaborates with  with artists from other disciplines: musicians, writers, performers, visual artists,but also often programmers, interaction designers and tech-specialists…
Her visual and sound installations are usually made from locally collected material.Thus, the works are created in close collaboration with many people and often engage in a dialogue with specific communities and places.