GK Collective

Country : France

Collective GK is a theatrical research group founded in 2009, directed by Hungarian stage director Gabriella Cserhati. It's a laboratory that blurs the boundaries between life and performance, by introducing fiction into reality.

What is their research?

Blurring borders between reality, life and the show. Introducing fiction into reality. Challenging everyday life. Exploring, proposing, experimenting a different relationship to the audience.

What ethic? Not intrusive participation. Free action of the audience. Equal risk for both sides: comedians and audience. The main objective of the group is to give a new place to the illusion in the everyday life, to embellish it, to soften it, and to create another legitimacy to theatre in our society, which is overloaded by generators of illusions (virtual, internet, interactivity and the). The GK creates participative shows and considers first and foremost the spectator. His/her decency will be respected in any event; a real-life experience dominates on the subtleties of the show by being always free to act. "We play with him, for him, we accompany him in the participation."

Gabriella Cserhati is the artistic director of GK. She is hungarian, works and lives in Paris. Film director by studies, she is impulsing and staging the most of GK’s plays.

GK’s production and touring manager is the french production house : Productions Bis.