Juri Cainero / ONYRIKON

Country : Switzerland


Juri Cainero

After experiencing 80 clown show in the belly of his mother (Gardi Hutter) Juri decided to get out into the world.

Studying percussion at the Jazz Conservatory of Amsterdam, he developed a saxophone solo allergy that forced him to run away. He found shelter in the Dutch squatters underground. There the band Caspian Hat Dance was born. They toured for 5 years, 400 concerts from Alabama to Transylvania.

The band exploded and Juri found himself in Mexico where for 4 years he studied Butoh dance and Somatic Movement.

18 horses and 16 humans accompanied him during a 7-month artistic caravan through the Mexican countryside (Nomads United).

In Bhopal (India), with the Masters Gundecha, he tried to calm down by singing 7 notes over 3 months. The intonation was there but not yet the calmness. In Marseille he attended the intensive formation FAI-AR (Art in public space) and also the Master-level diploma: Dramaturgie et écriture scénique en espace public. Now he is combining all his artistic experience through site sensible creations.

Juri directs the company ONYRIKON.


Physical and metaphysical theatre for urban and meta urban spaces. Inventors of unusual theatrical and musical rituals. We propose the real landscape as a scenography for the imaginary. We develop immersive promenades placing the audience at the centre of the action.

Ceremonials masks made with skins of sofas flayed alive, Suisse cows bells and voodoo drums the strident recycling of mythical material.

Castaways in the globalisation of fantasy, we claim the existence of glowing embers under the ashes of magical thinking.