Lilli Döscher

Country : France


© Lilli Döscher

Lilli Döscher develops a practice as a fine artist in echo with urban space. Faced with the diverse challenges of cultural work, she develops, together with other cultural workers, unusual methods of reflection and exchange. During her studies at the FAI-AR in Marseille, she deepened her multidisciplinary approach to artistic work in public space, which she has developed since. She expands her approach to body-related work and combines elements from different disciplines.
Her work consists of transversal, multimedia and collective projects. Themes of her work are often inspired by sociological, psychological phenomena or arise from the observation of society and environment.

She cofounded The MAYBEFOREVER Company in 2019 in Marseille.
The company is characterised by its interest in research, experimentation and artistic development as well as in emerging and hybrid artistic practice that uses a multiplicity of mediums. The spaces investigated are plural: spaces dedicated to artistic fields as well as unconventional spaces and public spaces.
Projects of the company are second wind/second soufflé/zweite luft a choreographic performance in public space and now is already today/maintenant est déjà aujourd'hui, a performative piece for and with children, which is currently in the production phase.

In 2020, she did a residency at Metropolis in Copenhagen (DK) during which she expanded and opened up her research for a future project. Connected to her explored processes (body related research in public space and a multiplicity of mediums), she wants to focus more on the body questioning about nature, climate and related changes. She would like to observe the body in its surroundings, to work with it in its environment in order to create choreographic elements out of it.