Mille Lundt

Country : Denmark


OriVolution © Adrien Lecouturier
Mille Lundt is a physical performer, contortionist and choreographer. She has been studying physical theatre between 1995-1998. She started her circus career at the danish circus school AFUK in 1998 and continued afterwards at the National Circus Schools between 1999-2003 in Havana, Moscow and Kiev. In 2006, she graduated from the Ecole Supérieure Des Arts Du Cirque in Brussels.

Mille’s work is presented in public space as well as in indoor unconventional spaces and theatre spaces. She places her work in the crossover art field, including sound landscape, visual art, contemporary circus, choreography, architecture and photography. As a choreographer and physical performer she seeks to develop and incorporate new movements in relation to the environment that she works in. She approaches a specific environment and tests how it can destabilize, disrupt or create new moving patterns. She seeks connection points between the environment and her physical work through the folding technique, the action that changes or twists the shape of a body position or a situation. In her In-Situ work, she tests and experiment with different angles of viewing a landscape with the intention of challenging and playing with the viewers perception of space.

Mille has been part of starting up companies such as; Cie Off Road (BE), Royal Bones (DK) and Yksi Kaksi (DK). She has collaborated among others with: Cie Anomalie & Co (FR), Cie For Want of A Better (FR), Rachid Ouramdane (FR), Teatro Glimt
(DK) Nova Exit (DK), Cille Lansade (DK), Lars Rudolfsson (SE), Rudi Skotheim Jensen (NO), Jørgen Carlslund (DK) and Helene Høm (DK), WeAreOskar (BE) and Adrien Lecouturier (FR).
In 2020, she did a residency at Metropolis in Copenhagen (DK). There she worked on her project Structures.