Rara Woulib

Country : France

© Bushido - Metamorphoses Deblozay

Rara Woulib carries artistic researches on, drawing new forms of poetry and theater arising from intimate questioning as well as great concerns of mankind.

Create rites and perform in people’s everyday life, in communal space, tying their preserved customs and our lost rites.

Abord each new city or landscape as unique. Draw new urban ways, explore the city’s porosity.

Rara, a musical curiosity is traditionally an occasion to gather people and parade, but the magic of that music comes from its own construction. Dance and songs are bound to a percussion ensemble and wind instruments made of long metallic trumpets called klewons or kone on one side and vaksins, bamboo tubes of various sizes and tone.

 The vaksins remind certain vocal styles of central Africa: each musician plays a single note in a technique bearing some resemblance to hiccup, and alternation of each wind builds a melody.

Rara Woulib chose to thoroughly explore this musical form through composition, and also through improvisation techniques. The musicians interdependence adds to the ambient fragility an keeps both actors and audience alert.

Traditional Rara is closely related to procession, trance and transcendence. The collective remain close to this essential aspect of that art.