Les Tombées de la Nuit

Associated partner Member of IN SITU since 2011

Today, LES TOMBEES DE LA NUIT are a laboratory for artistic experiments and explorations around new urban practices. It aims to foster the emergence onf site-specifice and site-sensitive projects.s

LES TOMBEES DE LA NUIT are at the crossroad between the terrirory, the inhabitants and art. It proposes alternative ways to reshape our living environment, to reclaim public space in the city and beyond,  to create the desire to build shared spaces, to bring to the audience a real democratic experience.

Through this process, LES TOMBEES DE LA NUIT question the use of public space and the way artistic creation can help to reclaim it.

Les Tombées de la Nuit metamorphosed in 2003 to become a “young festival” once again. Elected by a team broadly open to the “non-cultural” world, the new Artistic Director, Claude Guinard, took over the programming with his acolyte and artistic adviser from Brussels, Philippe Kauffmann. It was not sim-ply a case of a new coat of paint and some new wallpaper : extensive renovation work was undertaken. The aim: to find new ways of occupying public space and imagining the relationship with the spectator. Combining genres, torpedoing the same old street performances, dynamiting habits and multiplying encounters and inventions, there was no end to his innovations although he always retained the principle that everyone can come and sit at the table. A biting and joyous denial for levellersdown everywhere!In 2015, the mayor of Rennes distinguished LesTombées de la Nuit for their singular identity, and commissioned them to coordinate the weekly programming of  “les dimanches rennais”. A new step and a new temporality which continue to question the concept of festival.

Director : Claude Guinard