SPOT Festival

(UN)COMMON SPACES 2020-2024 Associate partner since 2021

Since 2002 Arts Printing House, the oldest and biggest contemporary arts venue in Lithuania has been making a considerable contribution to developing the performing arts fields. As there are no long traditions of street theater and art in public space in Lithuania, and with such a vibrant city full of talented artists and curious audience as Vilnius, Arts Printing House created the SPOT festival. 

SPOT festival is not only willing to break the boundaries of traditional performing spaces, the festival has been created for everybody: open to people of all ages and social backgrounds, and completely free of charge.

The variety of performances at SPOT includes theater, circus, dance and installations that speak to viewers in a different artistic language but share the same core value- a contemporary approach to the city, its community, urban spaces and, above all, boundless creativity.

Director: Jolita Balandytė