Autrement qu'Ainsi

Since 2017, Yann Lheureux has started a new research and work cycle on the issue of memory in relation with identity, the body, the territory, particularly based on research on Alzheimer’s disease. This research is related to his own experience: “my mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer. I have been following its evolution and transformations for a few years, it is as an artist that I decided to approach this disease.”

This illness is marked by the losses: the disappearance of memory, of identity, of spatial awareness, of certain activities, of social life. At the same time there is the emergence of other phenomena: a “new” identity, other activities, a kind of quintessence of the moment. This perception of disease will be the base from which he's been developing a solo form. The audience is invited to live an experience about Alzheimer, to be connected with the people who have the disease, their relatives, the nursing staff…. The spectator and the dancer will share an intimacy. The dancer will first gather the audience in the space of the performance: a dead-end where perspective and wall face each other.

The project has been selected within the framework of the 2020 "Ecrire pour la rue" (Writing for street theater) program initiated by the SACD (Society of  Dramatic Authors and Composers) and the DGCA (Directorate-General for Artistic Creation).