Action Hero @Norfolk & Norwich Festival

22 may. > 26 may.

Norfolk, UK

with 'Oh Europa'

Oh Europa is a labour of love; a project that spans a continent and cuts straight to the heart.

Since 2018, artists Gemma Paintin and James Stenhouse (who work together under the name Action Hero) have been travelling through Europe, asking strangers to sing a love song. They have recorded the voices of more than a thousand ordinary people, singing about love in 56 different languages. They have travelled over 55,000km through 36 European countries, living and working in their motorhome which doubles as a mobile recording studio.

Gemma and James would like to invite you to sing a love song to add to their archive and to be broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk in four special Norfolk & Norwich Festival episodes. They’ll be recording during our Welcome Weekend on Saturday 13 &
Sunday 14 May, and you can tune in to their takeover on BBC Radio Norfolk throughout the week.

All voices are welcome!