Aroma Mapping

A project lead by Eva Bubla under the (UN)COMMON SPACES project

What smells and scents shape the city? What kind of human and non-human agents, environmental or social factors, activities determine it? What stories can scents unfold?

During the smellwalk we explore the surrounding area by using our body and olfactory senses, looking for the unique scent profile and fable of the city.

At HAPUfest 2022 in Pristina, Kosovo, participants mapped the area around Taukbashçe Park and incubated aromatic plants characteristic for the region.

At SENSING THE CITY / PLACCC Festival 2022, participants were introduced to somatic practices in order to activate their senses, and to focus olfaction at the air quality of a specific location in Budapest. A collaboration with Judit Szegő, expert of Clean Action Group, grounded the somatic practices by measuring real time air pollution data. An informal talk following the walk, moderated by Anett Mogyorósy, shed light on the relationship between air quality and urban green areas, smells and fragrances from scientific and artistic perspectives.