How to Disappear Completely

Meetlab - How to Disappear Completely, Budapest (2017) © Meetlab

“Some people say they’d ran away, others think they were living in the canals, down in the deep roots of the city. Maybe they’d died. Maybe they are still here with us somewhere. There are also some, who might know something about the ones who knew something for sure, but they all have disappeared as time went by. Parents lose children, children lose friends, friends lose lovers, lovers lose hope. You can’t find love in this city, or at least not real love. In this city people disappear completely”.


How to Disappear Completely is an augmented audio reality game that tells stories through movements in public space. It is about blurring the lines between a fictional narrative and an understanding of our actual surroundings, our reality. Through a series of non-linear audio augmented narratives, the audience will get to observe the city episodically and get lost in the past, present and in an emerging fictional future.