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Changing Metropolis : a Framework for Action and Reflexion

Metropolis - art and performance in public space


Kitt Johnson - 12 © Maja Nydal Eriksen - Kitt Johnson - 12 © Maja Nydal Eriksen

The Metropolis 2007-2017 initiative, launched by IN SITU member Københavns Internationale Teater (KIT), aims to link the world of the arts and theatre with city life and urban development. The ambition is to forge continual collaborations crossing the disciplines of art and architecture, culture and urban planning – across local, regional and national borders.

In 2007, Københavns Internationale Teater initiated the Metropolis Biennale, presenting a number of art and culture events in and about the city, along with the research platform Metropolis Laboratory, where artists, architects, urban planners and theoreticians met around the challenge: How to improve and bring life to cities?Combining theory and practice, art and urban planning, culture and architecture, Metropolis is a unique arena for questioning urban life of today. It provides an occasion to rethink the relationship between art, culture, and the city – as well as opportunities to experiment in the city.

The 10 year ongoing reflexion of Metropolis gave birth to three publications, Changing Metropolis I, II and III.The publications are structured as a combination of theoretical reflections and artistic interventions presented as part of the Metropolis Biennale and Laboratory.


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