Oneiric Ways

The project Oneiric Ways is in line with the experimentation work around landscape led by Les Plastiqueurs. Their work has mainly been focused on urban installations and deco- rations, and they have progressively included the natural environment and the landscape, creating walkabouts, performing arts and visual installations.

The principle is based on a night-time walkabout, in the middle of the forest, with a series of interactive scenes using multimedia. Along the way, various light, sound and video installations and illusions set off . These different scenes, made of the caption of movement, made of mapping, interact with the audience. Revealing the wonderful, fascinating and magical aspects of the area involved in the project, the use of technology helps the in situ visual installation to provide ‘unsettling’ experiences and feelings, where the imaginary crosses the reality. The forest becomes the theatre of stories and legends, previously collected from the local community. They shape up through these installations to unveil the unspeakable.