Queen Mother

Country : France


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Maud Jégard is the artistic director of Cie Queen Mother.

She discovered drama with members of TNB while working on her literature baccalaureate with a specialty in drama, in Rennes. She started working in street art during the 2000s, and has acted in a number of projects (Frankenstein and Boîtes de rue by Jo Bithume, Doña Flor y sus amores by NCNC/Prisca Villa) and directed others (L’Erotik by Nejma Cie, Prince à dénuder by Ocus, Hop by Fracasse de 12, etc.). Since 2012, she has been working with Boueb in the collective Les grands moyens (Grève du crime, Abri voyageur, etc.). They started working together on a project called Au bout de fil, which she later finalised with FAI-AR under the title Follow me.