SENSIBLES QUARTIERS is an invitation to walk, with a sensory narration closely associated with a specific route.
Five performers (dancers and actors) and an architect welcome the walking audience.

Together they form a group and go walking through a neighbourhood, away from the city centre.
These walks are punctuated by stops where solo performances dedicated to the selected locations are presented to the audience in honours of the place.

SENSIBLES QUARTIERS invites a group of around thirty people to walk and have their eyes opened to unusual places by revealing their context.

The dancers are in a state of body in which they walk aware and on the lookout, heightening their perspective on space, their perception of volumes and their attention to surrounding sounds. Their simple state draws others into attentiveness, taking over the group.

One after the other, they interrupt the walk and offer perspectives on a specific location through a solo performance. SENSIBLES QUARTIERS is not a parade or a hike. The idea is to shed light on a place through states of body, making it talk and let us into its secrets.

It is a continuum of superimpositions.