Čtyři dny / 4+4 Days in Motion

(UN)COMMON SPACES 2020-2024 Partner, member of IN SITU since 2009

Four Days is a non-profit organization (NGO) executing cultural and artistic events.

Four Days enriches the Czech cultural scene with innovative approaches and supports the mobility of artists and their work, promoting the cooperation of different genres of art. It creates a space for exchanging experiences, knowledge, and interests between artists and the audience. The key activity of the organization is 4+4 Days in Motion, the international festival of contemporary art founded in 1996. 

The international festival presents ensembles and artists who use sustainable methods and new technologies in their work, confronting the possibilities of artwork in both classical and unconventional theatre space. The festival projects include all kinds of contemporary art: dance, physical and movement theatre, music projects, art, video art, and multimedia. A natural part of the festival are seminars and workshops, which often become the basis for further cooperation between artists, managers, and academics from different countries. The festival culturally “awakens” and “revives” non-traditional places in Prague. The aim of the festival is not to present mainstream ensembles, but to find personalities that will break into the international scene in the future. The 4+4 Days in Motion festival mitigates the imbalance and develops creativity and cooperation among countries, regions, artists, genres, and cultural operators.

Since its inception, Four Days has numbered four people: producers Denisa Vaclavova, Marketa Cerna, production manager Nikola Böhmova and dramaturg Pavel Storek.