Un.habitants | To make room for us

"Un.habitants | To make room for us” is a physical and sensory journey in a cemetery. It raises some questions about how the idea of the death shapes our response to life, providing the basis for the personal conduct codes, as well as for the broader ethical systems. The work is articulated as a path in which visuals, sensory and sounds are intertwined and in constant dialogue to create an intimate space where the real can both alternate and fuse with the imaginary. “Un.habitants” is meant to be an invitation to the audience to open their perceptual spaces, and create their own reality in a frontier territory between the inner vision and outward vision. It is a call to the viewer to be inside the things, to consider the space and “the taboo” of the death from another point of view. 

Conception: Caterina Moroni
Sound design: Claudio Raggi
Production: Caterina Moroni, Mare Culturale Urbano, Associazione Culturale Sarabanda
Realized within Arts’R’Public – European project co-funded by the Europe Creative Program –organized by Eurocircle in partnership with HausDrei (Hamburg, Germany), Sarabanda (Genoa, Italy), Éclats de Lune (Marrakech, Morocco), Lézarap’art (Marseille, France). With the support of MiBACT and SIAE through the program “S’illumina".