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IN SITU Podcast — Episode 6 — S1

Digital spaces

Digital spaces: from dichotomy to reunion of virtual and real spaces

Digital spaces, from a dichotomy between virtual and real spaces to a vision where the two dimensions embrace each other ?What do we call digital spaces? A dimension beyond the real world? What's effects on us ? How do digital spaces coincide or enrich the physical spaces?How digital/technology based project enlarge the means to engage the audience ?

IN SITU Podcast — Episode 1 — S2

Digital spaces

Regeneration of places : a urban space to claim ?

How to build meaning in urban space ? How art in public space regenerates the city ? How to vitalize, create, claim and bring public space to life ? What are the risks and obstacles?  What’s relationship to public spaces ? What’s relation to politicians in charges ? to inhabitants ?

IN SITU Podcast — Episode 2 — S2

Digital spaces

Digital spaces : what about digital realm as public space ?

What forms take digital art or performance in public space? How art is narrated through digital technology? How about to imagine digital space as public space? How to integrate digital technology in a site-specific creation? What about the potential of cultural and digital mediation in the creation of new urban public spaces ? Doesn't digital performance reinforce the individualistic side of our society?

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Regeneration of places

Conversations on art and public space from the voices that do it

How to build a fictional reality?

Digital spaces

Ambrus Ivanyos

The Hungarian artist Ambrus Ivanyos of the collective MeetLab describes the conceptual significance and the creation process of the project How to disappear completely, a site-specific reality game in the public space that has been developped and presented at PLACCC Festival in Budapest in September 2018 and adapted in Izmir, Turkey, in February 2019.

First Life - Hyper-reality according to Ici-Même [Paris]

Digital spaces

Samantha Maurin

Art and New Technologies

Digital spaces

Maddy Costa

How do new technologies affect creation in public space: in Norwich, European artists have explored new opportunities offered by these innovative tools.