IN SITU is the European platform for artistic creation in public space.

It is led by Lieux publics, European and national centre for artistic creation in public space, located in Marseille (FR). 

This year IN SITU celebrates its 20th anniversary in the midst of its current (UN)COMMON SPACES project. 

In 20 years, IN SITU supported 300 artists working outside conventional venues, brought together 31 partners from 21 countries and 18 languages, conducted 7 projects co-funded by the European commission, caught a rising interest with 1 million audience / year.


Thank you to all IN SITU former and current collaborators throughout the years and happy 20th anniversary to the network! 

Lieux Publics and the IN SITU partners deeply thank the European Commission for the continuous support.

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Conversations and reflections connecting artists with audiences, programmers and experts, feeding artistic creation and the network itself.

The Front and the Back End of Town


[EN] An Attempt at Exhausting the Body of a Fifty-Year-Old Female Citizen

Story of a Milanese exploration orchestrated by the artist DOM-By Fabienne Quéméneur, co-pilot of the ANPU, the Agence Nationale de Psychanalyse Urbaine (National Agency for Urban Psychoanalysis) and cultivator of the Au Bout du Plongeoir association, an art and meeting place, with its ethos of “l’Art Bâtisseur” (Building Art)

Death on paper


The emotional life of documents that administrate death. by Cristina Maldonado

Death on paper: The emotional life of documents that administrate death, is a project proposed by Cristina Maldonado, Associate Artist from Czech Republic, to the Urgell Regional Archive in the city of Tarrega. 



An Agency for the More-than-humans. by Eva Bubla

As one of the invited IN SITU artists to have artistic explorations related to an upcoming public art triennial of Østfold Internasjonale Teater (ØIT), I had my first visit to Fredrikstad in the beginning of 2022. 

HEAVY KINSHIP - research residencies within the IN SITU network — Part 1


First part of the series throughout IN SITU by Nana Francisca Schottländer

Nana-Francisca Schottländer is a Copenhagen-based inter-disciplinary artist working at the intersection between dance, performance, installation, and conceptual art. Her work revolves around encounters and intra-actions with other-than-human entities and phenomena such as rocks, fungi, water, soil, and entire geographical areas with their inherent lifeforms and dynamics. Central to her work is the use of her own body as a living tool for research and creation. 

Things that happen in the street. An attempt at a dictionary


By Eléctrico 28

This dictionary attempt captures the spontaneous and never-ending choreography of daily life, radically exposed to open air. And then, organizes all the material in very unique categories, following an alphabetical-rebel instinct and an artistic code rooted in Eléctrico 28’s approach to urban space. We observe through a sharp but non-judgmental eye.

The Octopus Exercise

To rid herself of her writer’s block, Emke decided to try out something a bit different in the forest near where her parents live. She embarked on a trip that shows her how relative her normal experience of the world was. Based on this experience and her interest in the workings of the human senses and psyche, she is now developing a project called ‘The School of Unlived Worlds’. In it, you, the audience, are asked to place your 'perception bubble' amidst the perception bubbles of other people and other animals and to try creating new bubbles (‘Unlived Worlds'). This fosters a deep respect for the worlds of others (including those who aren’t human) and a sense of the wonderfulness of existence. This text describes her initial experience as an example of the workings and mindset behind "The School of Unlived Worlds"

Le recto et le verso de la ville


[FR] Tentative d’épuisement du corps d’une femme citoyenne de cinquante ans

Récit d'une exploration milanaise orchestrée par l'artiste DOM-Rédigé par Fabienne Quéméneur, co-pilote et méta-foreuse de l'ANPU, Agence Nationale de Psychanalyse Urbaine et cultivatrice de l'Art bâtisseur Au bout du plongeoir, Fabrique d'art et de rencontre.

Marc El Samrani shares his experience of 'An Assembly'


[EN] A citizen's feedback on an IN SITU Artist's performance

As part of the (UN)COMMON SPACES project, associate citizen of Lieux publics, Marc El Samrani looks back on his experience of An Assembly, a participatory work proposed by 600 HIGHWAYMEN, during the duo's visit to Rouen, France.

Sauf le Dimanche meets Matthias Tronqual


[EN] An interview between a collective and a programmer

An Assembly: in conversation with 600 HIGHWAYMEN


Marc el Samrani interviews Michael Silverstone and Abigail Browde on their iconic project

The Walking Man in Milano


L'Uomo Che Cammina by Leonardo Delogu / DOM-

The Walking Man is the show that DOM- has been touring Europe since 2015 and is somewhat of a poetic manifesto for the group. 

SENSING THE CITY. Curatorial and Artist Perspectives

The city unfolds itself to us through our senses. We explore our environment, its rhythm, atmosphere, texture, as well as its current condition, the impact of our individual and social practices through sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.

Going Visiting the River That Dried Up


Nana Francisca Schottländer in residency in Lieux Publics

(UN)COMMON SPACES from a "citizen" point of view


Marius Grønning, Associated Citizen, Norway


Collaborations, reflection, conversations… the inside work necessary to keep the dialogue with European cultural policy makers and institutions.