IN SITU is the European platform for artistic creation in public space.

It is led by Lieux publics, European and national centre for artistic creation in public space, located in Marseille (FR). 

This year IN SITU celebrates its 20th anniversary in the midst of its current (UN)COMMON SPACES project. 

In 20 years, IN SITU supported 300 artists working outside conventional venues, brought together 31 partners from 21 countries and 18 languages, conducted 7 projects co-funded by the European commission, caught a rising interest with 1 million audience / year.


Thank you to all IN SITU former and current collaborators throughout the years and happy 20th anniversary to the network! 

Lieux Publics and the IN SITU partners deeply thank the European Commission for the continuous support.

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Conversations and reflections connecting artists with audiences, programmers and experts, feeding artistic creation and the network itself.

The Walking Man in Milano

Regeneration of places

L'Uomo Che Cammina by Leonardo Delogu / DOM-

The Walking Man is the show that DOM- has been touring Europe since 2015 and is somewhat of a poetic manifesto for the group. 

HOLE(S) and HILL(S) heal


(Trou(s) et Colline(s) guérissent)

Shared rituals, practices and tools in interlocking living systems

Sauf le Dimanche rencontre Matthias Tronqual


An interview to read and listen to in French

Spatial Consciousness

Regeneration of places

Locating Art and Artistic Performance

by Andy Merrifield


Cultural identity

by Veronika Tzekova

The Art of Walking the Talk


By Tora Balslev, dancer and Emerging Artist of Københavns Internationale Teater

Interruptive gifts of [ The Frame ]

Regeneration of places

By Alina Stockinger (Eléctrico 28)

Going Visiting the Melting Glacier


by Nana Francisca Shöttlander

Going Visiting the River That Dried Up


Nana Francisca Schottländer in residency in Lieux Publics

What Tàrrega Has Taught Me About Death


Conversation with Anna Giribet i Argiles & Cristina Maldonado

Festival Fira Tarrega, Spain 

Signal from Dachstein


Putting an ear to the glacier

Festival La Strada | Graz, Austria

Letters from the Associate Citizen Stijn Philippe about Johannes Bellinkx's performances in Amsterdam

Regeneration of places

A feedback on experience!

(UN)COMMON SPACES from a "citizen" point of view


Marius Grønning, Associated Citizen, Norway


Collaborations, reflection, conversations… the inside work necessary to keep the dialogue with European cultural policy makers and institutions.